HP Printer in Error State

Did your printer suddenly stop working after switching to Windows 10, or Getting HP Printer in Error State, unable to print documents, or not connecting to the printer while trying to manage it? Due to this error Printer in error condition stopped printing, here are some effective solutions to fix printer problems on Windows 10 And get it running again.

The HP Printer in Error State condition

I can’t get from my Lenovo Laptop to my HP Printer printer. I uninstalled, reinstalled, disabled, disconnected, checked for driver updates, checked the wireless settings, you name it. I have received numerous messages, such as ‘Printer is Offline’, but the latest is ‘Printer is in error.

Troubleshoot HP Printer in Error State in Windows 10

Printer in error condition on Windows 10 An error is usually displayed when the printer is jammed, has little paper or ink, the cover is open, or the printer is not connected properly, and so on.

  • First, make sure all the cables and connections of the printer fit and do not have a gap.
  • Make sure your devices are connected try properly with another USB port and the network (wireless or Bluetooth) or cable you are using for the connection has no problem.
  • Also, turn off the printer and check for paper jams and then close all trays properly. If it is mushy, remove it slowly.
  • Check that the printer has low ink, refill it. Turn on the printer’s WiFi and modem router if you are using a WiFi printer.

Customize the device manager

Press Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc, and ok to open the device driver. This will bring up a list of all installed driver lists, click on the View menu and then select the ‘Show Hidden Devices’ Option in the menu.

Then expand the Ports (COM & LPT) category and right-click on the Printer Port then select the Properties option.

In the Printer Port (LPT1) Properties Port Settings dialog box, select the “Use any interruption assigned to the port” option, and then select the Enable legacy Plug and Play detection box.

Enable legacy plug and play detection

Click on apply and ok, reload windows and see if the printer needs to be detected and that it is working properly.

Note that Print Spooler is running

Follow the steps below to change the type of pressure washer service to Automatic.

  • Press Windows + R, Type services.msc, and press Enter.
  • Scroll down and double-click on the service called print spooler.
  • Make sure the services are started and set to Automatic here.
  • If not then the startup type changes automatically and starts the service next to service status.
  • Then go to the Recovery tab and change the first failure to ‘Restart service’.
  • Click on apply and the printer will go online again and it will work.

Delete files

Cleaning the flush files and restarting the spooler service will help solve most printer-related issues. To do this again, open Windows services, right-click and stop the flushing service.

  1. Navigate to C: Windows System32 Spool Printers and delete all data in the printer directory.
  2. Reopen the following path C: Windows System32 Spool Drivers w32x86 and delete all data in the directory.
  3. Restart the rinse service and see if the printer works.

Remove and reinstall your printer

If you are still experiencing the same printer in the error condition / is the printer offline while you are printing? Next, try to update or reinstall the printer drivers on your PC. To do this first, we need to remove the printer driver from the device driver.

To remove the printer

  • Disconnect your printer’s USB cable from your computer.
  • Press Windows + R, devmgmt.msc and press the enter key to open the Device Manager.
  • Here spend Printers and Scanners, Right-click on the installed printer driver and select uninstall the device.
  • When a notification pop-up rises, “You are about to uninstall this device from your system”. Check this box if you are removing the driver software for this device, and then click the Remove button to continue.
  • Once the printer drivers are removed, start over your system.

Install or add a wireless printer

Open Settings> Devices> Printers & Scanners. Select Add a printer or scanner. Wait until the printers in the area are found, select the printer, and then select Add device.

If the printer is ON and connected to the interface, Windows should detect it quickly. Available printers can include all printers on a network, such as Bluetooth and wireless printers or printers that are connected to another computer and shared on the network. You may require approval to install the printers.

Install or add a local printer

To connect a local printer, connect your printer’s USB cable to an available USB port on your computer, and then turn on the printer.

Now open Settings -> Devices> Printers & Scanners -> Add a printer or scanner. Wait until the available printers are found, select the printer you want, and then select Add device. Select the driver path if you request a driver (previously downloaded from the manufacturer’s website).

Manually updating updated printer drivers to help you fix the printer is incorrect. Windows 10 printer problem and many similar printer problems.