There are various reasons for printer offline error issues in your Windows 10. In this blog, we are sharing the method to fix your printer offline to online in Windows 10.

Generally, printers mostly go offline due to network connectivity issues, going out of paper, or paper jams. In some cases, your drivers are corrupted or need an update or any other hardware issue can be a reason for printer offline issue

Theoretically, once the reason is found and fixed, your printer should come back online. But this can be true in some cases like the printer is out of papers, paper jam, or some minor hardware issue that is preventing your printer from being available online.

However, sometimes sorting all issues is not enough to get your fix printer offline and turn online on your Windows. If this is the situation you’re also facing, read the blog and follow the steps to make your printer online in Windows 10

Steps to turn Printer offline to Online in Windows 10 Easily

  •   Go to the Windows 10 desktop Start button.
  •   Click on the Device Manager option.
  •   On the appeared Device Manager screen, click on the Action menu and then click on the Devices and Printers.
  •   Right-click on the Offline Printer on the Device and Printers screen and then click on the See What’s Printing option.
  •   Now you’ll see the next screen on your computer, click on the Use Printer Offline option and remove the tick mark on the option and wait till your printer comes online.
  •   Now your printer is online and your printer will print all the files available in the print queue.

However, if the option to make your printer online is appears gray, or if the printer comes online and goes offline again and again then you need to troubleshoot the printer issue on your Windows.

Follow the steps to fix printer offline problem:

  •   Click on the Start > Setting > click in the Devices option > on the next screen click on Troubleshoot > now click on Run the Troubleshooter > next screen will come up with the options, click on Apply this Fix and follow the instruction shown on your screen.