It is a real shock to the printer user when you urgently need to work and printers do not print. This rarely happens, which means the brother printer hl-l2380dw is offline. However, if this problem occurs suddenly, it is necessary to be able to independently identify the reasons why the printer did not print.

Common causes of  brother printer hl-l2380dw offline problems

Printer failure or brother printer hl-l2380dw offline  can have different sources. It starts with an empty cartridge or replacement toner. In this case, a message from the OS usually comes informing the user. Another common reason for the printer to stop printing is a malfunction of the connecting cable. Even lesser configuration mistakes can deaden the system and hold printing. The reason is the software or driver settings may be incorrect. Another reason why the printer does not print and an error code appears when you try to print, is the difficulty connecting to wireless printers.

However, in most cases, printer errors can be easily resolved. To quickly resolve printer issues and troubleshoot errors, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Check the printer connection and availability.
  2. Check the cartridges, paper, and print head.
  3. Check the printer line and begin Windows automated troubleshooting.
  4. Update drivers and fix firmware bugs.
  5. Run Windows Printer Services to fix print server licenses in Windows.

Setting the default brother printer hl-l2380dw printer 

Before you can determine why the printer is offline or is printing from the computer, you need to know whether the job was sent to the printer. When a print job is sent, a window usually opens where you can set the page orientation or paper size. You can also check which printer the order has been sent to. By clicking the “Printer” icon, the user can select available devices. You need to click “Add a printer” to install it, choosing the appropriate.

You can use the control panel as the default printer if it is already installed. To do this, open it by entering the Start menu in the search bar. Click “Equipment and Sound” > “Devices and Printers”. Right-click on the model you want there and select “Set as default printer” from the menu.

Brother printer hl-l2380dw connected to the computer

With wired printers, you need to check the connections and cable first. For network printers, check if the computer is connected to the printer and the printer is connected to the WLAN. Most devices have a control screen on which you can see a specific link.

If the printer is not connected to Wi-Fi, you need to turn it off and on. It is important that computers and printers are connected to the same network. You should also check if the WLAN is really working. If several printers are connected to the printer or are connected via WLAN, it is important to note exactly the desired device. Current XPS, PDF, and One Note printers are non-physical. They are the implicit printers for switching documents to other file formats.

If the user cannot find their printer in this list, they must reinstall the driver.

Check brother printer hl-l2380dw Toner check, ink paper

One of the feasible causes, why the printer does not print black, is the shortage of toner or ink. Using the imaging device, you can easily find out if one or more cartridges are empty. If the printer has no display, you can use the print wizard on the device to view the levels displayed. Another common cause of a malfunctioning printer is a lack of paper or a clogged device due to a paper jam.

Usually, these problems are also indicated by a computer or printer. In this case, you need to check that everything is according to the paper, and it is also important that the lid and tray of the device are properly closed. To check the level of ink cartridges, you can use the appropriate functions directly on the printer screen or with a tool.

When installing a new cartridge, make sure it is installed correctly. If the print head is dirty, it can also cause problems with the printer. The user is usually notified using the appropriate error message code on this instrument panel.

To resolve why the printer is printing, you can use the device tool in the OS to certainly test the print head and, if required, begin the cleaning method. If needed, you can turn from “offline mode” to “online mode” by tab “Printer” in the top menu and choosing the “Use printer offline” or “Stop printer” checkboxes.

If this is not done, it will be clear why the printer is not printing, but entering the print queue. Then it is better to delete or cancel previous tasks by clicking the right mouse button. You can cancel all print jobs and resubmit the print job. If the printer still doesn’t print, Chat with certified technician.